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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bonnie and Co. practic CQC

Kicking off the "Production Blog" phase of the comic. I've got plenty of material to share as of now, I just haven't scanned any of it in. It'll show up in due time.

For now, here's something I just worked up for chapter 3. The character interaction and composition for this shot was proving to be rather tricky on paper, so I took to the Mac to rough it out on a bigger scale, so as to avoid wasting lead, paper and eraser until I got it just right.
From here I'll just use the screen on my iMac as a makeshift lightbox and trace all the important lines for pencil & paper roughs. This works in my case because I happen to draw very light to begin with, and even lighter when I know I'm pressing against my flatscreen. XD
So if you have a heavy hand, I wouldn't suggest it.

Anyway, this isn't what the final comp will look like, as I'm going to be making room for another character in the immediate foreground. And of course the details are just roughs as well, so I'll actually be making the characters look themselves in the final phase.

That's all for now. The work beckons!