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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bonnie Lass: The Legend #1 is on shelves today!

That's right! The first issue finally sees its day in print!

The acclaimed series comes to print, spinning the pure-fun yarn of heroine Bonnie Lass setting out to build her reputation as a pirate to be envied and feared. Bent on overshadowing her father, the infamous Cutlass, Bonnie's after the one treasure he did not claim — the Eye of the Leviathan. Humor, beauty, misdirection, mash-ups and a leading lady to fall for sets sail on the open seas.

The first issue weighs in at 32, full-color (and boy, are they colorful!) pages. At $2.99 we reckon that's quite a bargain! As for the rest of the mini-series, it averages about 30 pages per issue, so you can be sure that each month through December you'll be getting a big bang for your buck!
Don't forget; there's a Preview available here on the blog for those of you wondering what's in store.

It's Pirates of the Caribbean-meets-Cowboy Bebop, effecting it's own unique style and panache!

The folks at Red 5 Comics organized one heckuva print edition—certainly pleased here!

If you do pick up a copy (most appreciated!), first of all we hope you enjoy it and will be looking forward to next month's release! Second, please feel free to let us know what you think, here or on the Facebook fan page! Comments, reviews, fan art…! Anything you want to share—we're eagerly awaiting to see what you all think!

One last note: Michael has two more convention appearances coming up in October. October 7-9 is Tsubasacon in Huntington, WV, and October 22-23 is Wizard World Mid-Ohio Con in Columbus, OH! Michael will be selling copies of Issues 1 and 2 (if available) at the retail price, and will gladly sign them as well! Plus, the first issue has a nice, blank canvas on the back, in case you're inclined to get an additional, quick sketch to further personalize your copy! Tyler will also be at Michael's booth at Mid-Ohio Con, so you can get a double whammy there!

Thanks in advance to any of you who get out there today and pick up a copy! And if it's not at your local shop today, there's a chance it'll be in next week instead. And if not, you can still get your shop to order it—there are plenty to be had! While you're out there, make sure your shop is going to be carrying the title in the coming months as well! Four issues, one concise story!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bonnie Lass: The Legend #1 - The Unboxening

Midtown Comics just recently updated their listing to include Bonnie Lass #1. Go HERE to order it and still hopefully receive it shortly after the actual release date of September 21!