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Friday, March 2, 2012

Open Call to Artists

Production on Bonnie Lass: The Committed is moving along!
Are you an artist? Want to be part of the action?

Bonnie's looking for some pinup artwork to further embellish her adventures.
We're always eager to see new fanart, but now we're looking to showcase some of that inspired talent in the upcoming volume!

Any artwork we receive will be shared on the Facebook page and in a special gallery on the blog site, but some of the favorites may be exalted to the printed pages of Bonnie Lass: The Committed!
  • Pin-ups of characters from the Bonnie Lass universe. If you've seen 'em in the comics or on the production blog, they're fair game! Any medium too—pencils, pens, paints, pixels, paper-mâché…! Even collaborations are welcome! For inspiration beyond the comics, see here and here.
  • No original characters or other characters you don't own the rights to. Let's just stay out of the legal gray area. (If you do illustrate a crossover with YOUR OWN characters, it can definitely be put in the online galleries, but we may have to pass on printing them, just to be safe.)
  • Artwork should be sized to fit on a standard comic page (or able to be cropped) to be considered for print. Also, keep in mind the nature of the comic. PG-13 material at most, reasonably safe for middle schoolers. Things can be cheeky and violent without being gratuitous.

  • The satisfaction of a job well-done and your work being showcased for any number of comic fans to see!
  • Full credit and a link back to your own portfolio/gallery/webcomic/Twitter/etc.
  • Printing arrangements permitting, a free, signed copy of the issue featuring your artwork, with a special note of thanks from Michael Mayne.

No hard deadline as of now, as publication has yet to be made official, but to be considered for inclusion in the first issue, you'll want to get something in as soon as possible!
Also note that the only compensation on the table is stated above. No further compensation, financial or otherwise, can be expected. By submitting artwork under these pretenses you are agreeing to permit Michael Mayne to use said art to reasonably cross-promote you, the artist, as well as the Bonnie Lass property. You will not lose any rights to the art yourself, so don't worry about that!

  • Send a low-res (72-96 dpi) JPEG or PNG to k.michael.mayne@gmail.com with the subject 'BONNIE FAN ART'
  • Include your name, profession (creator, inker, colorist, hobbyist, etc.) and a link you'd like me to refer back to when sharing your artwork.
  • Also, if you post it online (please feel free to do so!), go ahead and send me the direct link to it so I can link to that as well.
  • If your piece would make a nice addition to the printed issues, you will receive a follow-up email requesting a hi-res file. Please don't send a 60MB file as your initial submission!
Hope to see some really fun stuff! Thanks ahead to those of you who take the time to work something up, or even pass the word along!


  1. Ahoy Michael my fellow Winger!!

    This sounds like a blast and i would love to participate!! I have read the notes and can start on a piece in the next few weeks. Would it be ok if it was a pencil only piece because that is mainly what i do. You can can see some of my art on my blogs and please let me know if you have any questions!!!

    Derrick Utz

    1. Derrick! Yes, I'll be more than happy to receive it in whatever medium you do your magic in! I'll be eagerly awaiting! Thanks for dropping by!

    2. Awesome! I will clear the table in the next week or two of the comic submission and anthology work I am assisting with and then I will get onto a fan pic for the book!

      Is there any particular setting,scene or characters that you would like?

      Thanks for the opportunity!

    3. Whatever you want to chuck my way, that'd be great!
      Personally, I'd love to see somebody's (yours?!) interpretation of any of the other characters as well!

      And take your time. I fell a bit behind on production of the comic, so there's even more time for anyone to get artworks in for possible print!

  2. ahh just seen this probably waaay to late but would love to draw her. will have to wait until next week as bogged with work.