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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A sense of accomplishment...

I don't know what sparked in me this week, but I feel like I've gotten quite a bit of inking done in just the last three or four days...

There's a lot more black on the pages, covering up the red now. Many of the pages are only waiting for a panel or two to be inked. Several of the pages toward the end will be relatively easy, as they are occupied by larger panels that I'll breeze through once I start on them.

Page 7 of Chapter 3 is an interesting subject. Something was bugging me about the roughs, so I worked them over till I thought I'd ironed them out, but once I started inking I realized there's one panel where Bonnie's figure is unnaturally elongated. Fortunately I drew her in such a way that I'll be able to nudge her down to size in Photoshop.

In another panel, Bonnie is comparatively too large as she stomps toward Monet. I actually haven't inked Monet yet, so I could just redraw him and ink him to match her, but I think his size in relation to the composition of the panel is just right; it's Bonnie whom I will resize slightly in Photoshop, methinks.

I'll try to remember to post a comparison of this page—the cleaned up scan before and after artistic edits. You'll get an idea of the kinds of "errors" I stick with on paper, only to digitally edit them later.

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