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Monday, February 21, 2011

GIVEAWAY Announcement! (2/21/11)

Hey, fans!

After much procrastination and hesitation, it's time for the first official Bonnie Lass contest!

The rules are simple: merely buzz about Bonnie Lass over the next few days on Twitter or Facebook and you've got a chance at winning a mini-poster (a facsimile of the image to the left) signed by both Michael and Tyler as well as a free, one-of-a-kind Bonnie sketch from Michael!


On Twitter, include a #BonnieLass hashtag in your tweet(s). Any other similar tagging will be nice (@MichaelMayne, @red5comics, etc.) but isn't necessary because of the 140-character limit.

On Facebook, simply tag the Bonnie Lass page (make sure you're a fan first, otherwise it won't work; also make sure you select the Bonnie Lass page from the dropdown menu which will appear once you start typing in the name—merely typing it won't confirm it as a tag) in your status by typing @Bonnie Lass. This tags the page and easily lets us know that you are in the running! If you don't tag the page I can't guarantee we'll see it, and thus it won't count as a "ticket" into the drawing.

UPDATE 2/22/11
On Facebook, simply LIKE any of the posts on the Bonnie Lass page from this week. I've run into the problem of not actually being able to be notified of the page being tagged nor being able to search for up-to-date instances of the page being mentioned, so I'm assuming there are some people's "entries" I'm missing as a result. For the remainder of the contest, please just LIKE the things that are posted this week. Sharing the links is nice too, and would be greatly appreciated, but I won't be able to see instances of that either, so Sharing won't affect your entry tallies. Sorry for the mixup! Hope you'll keep entering!

You can "enter" as many times as you want on either site and increase your chances of winning! Each instance of the appropriate tags (except for auto-retweets) is a valid entry!

At least four winners will be randomly chosen (random number generator, based on number of valid entries), two from Twitter and two from Facebook.
I (Michael Mayne) will contact the winners via direct message on whichever site their winning tag was on, to get shipping information.
Failure to respond to my message within 48 hours may mean that somebody else gets the prize, so be on the lookout!
I'll also post a winner's list, so in case there's any trouble with me getting a hold of the winners, the winners can contact me.

All tags made between 9am EST, Monday, Feb. 21, 2011 and 11:59am EST, Wednesday Feb. 23, 2011 will be entered into the drawing. Deadline may be extended to allow for more entries, in which case the number of winners will increase as well!

That should be it! Hope to see a lot of Bonnie talk over the next few days! =D

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