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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New adversaries…

Readers of the first arc may recall that the main villain remained mostly enigmatic throughout the first half of the story. While he is briefly introduced to readers at the end of the first issue, he barely manages to squeeze in his intro to Bonnie and crew by the end of issue two. This is fine and dandy for how the story of The Legend progressed, but this time we thought we'd try something different, something more in-your-face.

So in volume two, issue one, we're throwing a couple of brand new adversaries Bonnie's way, and having her actually encounter them herself early on, in a sort of "good cop, bad cop" situation.

One of those characters is Rubens. I'll just tease you for now with a rough panel from an early page. Watchers of my deviantART page may recognize him from a few concept sketches from last year (and before that, he was originally a very early design for the character that eventually became Trick). Well, he's made it into the comic proper, so we'll all eventually get to see just what he has to offer!

The cool-headed Rubens faces off against hot-tempered Bonnie.

And here's that early concept sketch from, oh… 2008.
…back when the whole comic had a different style. Rubens!prime is quite reminiscent of Trick's build because… well, that's the role he was originally designed to fill. Rubens now is a little bulkier, and not as ratty looking as Bonnie and the gang. Still working a punk hairdo, though!

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