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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Comic Creators for Freedom

The next installment of Bonnie's legend may be a ways off, but she'll be staying busy between now and then! Next month Bonnie will proudly be part of a collaborative effort to bring awareness to human trafficking and provide support for victims of it—Comic Creators for Freedom.

The collaboration is simple: if you're a comic artist with a female character in your roster, have her join the sprawling snowball fight! She'll be facing off in a free-for-all flurry of fluffy fury with dozens of other gals, all brought together in one epic collage! In January there will be a fundraising campaign to benefit Love 146 and Gracehaven, two organizations dedicated to helping those victimized by human trafficking, and a desktop wallpaper of the epic snowball fight will be offered as a humble thanks to anyone who donates.

Human trafficking is an all-too-real, all-too-deplorable vex on the world today. Thus far Comic Creators for Freedom has raised over $15,000 to help fight back, and this year I'm proud to be a part of the stand. Please check out the Comic Creators for Freedom website for more information on the issues at hand and what you can do to help. Artist submissions need to be in by December 31st!

As for Bonnie, here's the image of her I contributed to this year's collaborative image!

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