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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Work on Bonnie Lass volume 2 commences!

With the print release of Bonnie Lass: The Legend #4 imminent, thusly wrapping up that story arc, I'm happy to say that story work on a volume two is underway!

Everything's tentative right now, but to the left is a sneak peak at how we'll likely be meeting back up with Bonnie at the beginning of this new arc.

There's sure to be plenty of action this go-around, as we're going to see Bonnie and crew square off with a number of new antagonists face to face! I'm looking forward to getting the scripts worked out so I can get started on production of the pages themselves. Hopefully we'll be seeing some page work before the end of the year!

And I'd like to make more of a production blog out of this site for this volume, so look forward to more production artwork along the way!


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