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Monday, March 8, 2010

The inks. They cometh.

So I've been inking Chapter 3 (rather casually) for the last two or three days. Still have 5 pages of roughs to get to, but I ran out of Bristol paper on Thursday, so I need to get to Hobby Lobby and pick up some more.

So in the meantime, I decided to go ahead and get a jumpstart on the inking. I'd like to get about 10-12 more pages done this week, at least. That would put me past the halfway point on inking, whereupon I'd only need another week and a half to get onto coloring and lettering.

Chapter 3 is definitely moving along very fast (err... compared to Chapters 1 and 2; practically speaking, I'm probably only working about as fast as I would actually NEED to work to be professionally efficient). But, assuming I don't have too many other projects crop up in the next few weeks, I should be onto the coloring phase pretty soon!

I'll try and get some visuals up here soon, so it's not just wall after wall of text. Since I haven't done anything digitally yet, though, I've just had no need to scan anything in. Maybe some crude webcam snapshots will suffice... at least during the roughs/early inking stages...

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