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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Upon trying to streamline the process of drawing The Officer Delgado (Bonnie's ship), the design itself has undergone some changes.

Over the two years that the project's been in some kind of development or another, the Delgado went from a bulky little fishing boat just barely big enough to carry the makeshift cabin on-deck (back then it was an RV), to a clunkier, bigger vessel, and from there a taller, leaner version (with a generic delivery truck replacing the RV as the "cabin").

Since the last major revamp, it's taken on a few minor tweaks, most of which I've felt were innocuous enough to slip in without retroactively going back to alter previous shots of the ship—going with the notion that over time the readers would remember certain details of the ship in pieces, and later when it's seen as a collective whole, the latest "version" of the ship is the definitive amalgamation of those sometimes contradicting details.

Those details have been slight enough up until now for me to feel comfortable leaving them be. But tonight while roughing and inking Chapter 3, I finally started to develop a more streamlined technique for sketching out the shape of the ship. In doing so, it makes the lines of the form really look a whole lot more appealing, but it slightly moves some of the details around.

Unfortunately, I don't think it's "slightly" enough. More on the "noticeable" end of the spectrum. So it looks like I'm going to be going back through some of the pages in Chapters 1 and 2 and touching up certain shots of the Delgado. Chapter 1 will be the chore; in Chapter 2, there are only a few long shots of the Delgado to begin with, and the ones that could use some adjusting really wouldn't require much at all.

The actual work doesn't really bother me (I'm just going to make all the edits on one new layer, over top of the other work layers); it's the waiting on the Photoshop files to load. Bummer...

In the end, it will be worth it. The Delgado will look a whole lot nicer (for a ship that's supposed to be a junker, anyway).

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