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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Proof of Purchase Inking

Yes, they're webcam snapshots. I told you. I just have no use for scanning them in right now because they're obviously not done.

You'll see that I'm being rather unconventional with my process (or am I? I don't know). No real order in which I work on any given panel (or page, for that matter). Basically, whatever seems like a fun subject to ink at the time, or whatever seems fastest, gets done first. So there are inks on every single page of roughs so far; there's just not one, single page in and of itself that is completely inked.

Also of note is that I don't really have a clean, pencil state. I just go from semi-polished roughs straight into inking. As a result, roughing takes a little longer than it would if they were literally "roughs," and inking probably takes a bit longer because I'm still technically making decisions on the composition of the lines. By skipping the pencils, I'm probably only saving about 10-15% of the time it would otherwise take. Actually, I'd say that's a pretty good number in the long run. Glad I just did the layman's math on that...!

And... I roughed (I believe) all of the above pages while re-watching the last few episodes of Gurren Lagann. You can tell. I inked parts of the top pages while watching Die Hard. You can't really tell.

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